Email Marketing



   Email marketing should be part of a well-thought strategic plan which, if correctly executed, brings value and confidence, allowing shoppers and sales people to communicate freely. It is a matter of understanding the needs of the customer and seeing business opportunities.

Steps of a marketing campaign:


•    Email marketing begins with your clients. You must know and understand their needs and desires. Divide customers based on the demographics (age, gender), interests (behavior and inclination), Entourage and historical data.

email marketing

Email Marketing Strategy2. DEFINE YOUR PURPOSES

  • Identify the goals of your business according to the business model owned (e.g. traffic acquisition converting and generating more qualified leads etc.)


  • Email Marketing in Orange CountyPlace customers at the top of the list, followed by transactions, using customization.

  • Use stories to send the correct message/content to the audience, using the design (landing pages), tone and voice (persuasive, turning to the emotions of the public), at the right moment, on the right platform

  • It is important to determine what you communicate and who you connect with the target audience. The brand values (honesty, authenticity, and transparency) are essential elements of the communication strategy.


  • Orange County SEO ServicesTrack and measure the results of the email marketing campaign, on desktop, tablets and mobile

  • Test and optimize for several leads and better ROI

Why is Email Marketing Important for your Online Marketing Strategy?

  • Email marketing is the most direct method to reach the audience, by creating connections between your brand and the customers

  • A great awareness generator, based on the relationship between the brand and new customers

  • A valuable source to attract users

  • Use redirection by sending customized emails based on the navigation habits of the client to get as much information as possible from the visitors accessing (and possibly making purchases on) your site (e.g. increase the conversion rate, by sending amazing emails with unfinished shopping carts, use upsell and cross-sell techniques, etc.)

  • It is an active traffic stimulant and an engagement opportunity, which keeps customers interested in your products and services

  • If correctly executed, it is a business marketing maximization method, with a small budget

  • You can engage in bringing the users back to the site, after a while (it is not sufficient to only get them back), by communicating relevant information, on regular basis

  • Maintain a relationship with the current customers, providing content and products or services, based on the interests and affinities of their categories (of services or products)

  • It is a factor that can influence the decision of the customer when the latter prioritizes a competitor

  • Email marketing promotes long-term fidelity to the brand

  • Target the audience and send emails optimized for mobile devices

  • Measure the performance of email marketing, by analyzing a few key metrics (the KPIs can be different for each campaign or business model): CTR, conversion rate, click-to-open rate, rejection rate, unsubscribe rate, the number of users, uninstalls, ratings, reviews, etc.