Social Media Marketing


social media marketing   Social Media Marketing is not necessarily the easiest to measure and optimize of all the marketing channels, but it is definitely a powerful digital medium, which can help you promote (and sell) your products, ideas or services and to help users (and customers) make decisions.

  If you use a goal-based intelligent strategy, approaching the campaign in a creative manner and identifying the ads (and posts) that reach the audience, you can build interactive, smart and beautiful experiences. SMM can help you fulfill your full potential and achieve the targets you set. For brands and users to coexist in harmony on social platforms, it is recommended not to bombard them with ads and to maintain social honesty.

Depending on the results desired, you can have specific goals to achieve, and you should know where your customers spend most of their time (on which social platform) and which social platform best suits their needs.

Why are Social Media Important?

Social MediaThe benefits of using social media marketing:

  • Connect and communicate directly to the target audience

  • Maintain the relationship with the public (distribute and display content, to gain visibility)

  • Add value and make your interactions richer, more relevant and more attractive

  • Build a level of intimacy: connect new users to your brand

  • Promote long-term fidelity

  • Increase exposure and you can reach new users, in the crucial moments of their indecision

  • Convert the existing connections and fans into customers

  • Enhance traffic, advertising through social media services paid according to the personalized options of each platform

  • Generate more leads, based on season campaigns

  • Create business partnerships with new buyers and other brands

  • Reduce marketing expenses (advertising on social media is usually less expensive than Google AdWords)

  • Increase your presence on the social media, as well as the trustworthiness and credibility of the brand campaigns.


Are you planning a social media marketing campaign

or ads for social networks?

   We can help you reach your audience, define the targets, develop a strategic plan, start the campaign, optimize the ads for social networks and measure their results:


Build the attractiveness of the page with promoted ads and posts, but remember – the consumers do not want to have their newsfeed suffocated in brand-related messages or ads

Obtain clicks for the site, with ads targeting the audience

Obtain more conversions of the calls (in)directly

Encourage and promote installing applications

Organize a contest, promotion or price cuts

Promote events

Measure the impact of ads based on clicks to the site and converted clicks

Promote events and follow the responses


Advertise your business, products or services, using optimized campaigns, with a pleasant interface, in one of the following formats:

Display ads (banners)

Overlay in-video ads

TrueView in-stream ads

TrueView in-display ads

Non-skippable in-stream ads


Send tweets to the target audience, use promoted tweets (including links to your site, hashtags and multimedia content). Gain new users, directing keywords on the timeline and in the searches. Bring the audience closer to you and direct messages taking into account parameters such as gender, language, location, etc.

Reach wider distribution when your messages are posted again, when they receive responses or when they are favored. Advertise your services and events with a promoted account. Promote launches of new products or campaigns in a creative manner, for the former to become viral in a short amount of time. Use advanced trends to increase the brand recurrence (mentions), as being purchased, and long-term impact. The brand activity is more intense on Twitter, even if the audience is smaller (as compared to Facebook)


Cooperate with local businesses and new customers

Many new people in your store

The ads must convert into check-ins

Organize contests with voucher prizes

New employees, with a recruitment campaign


Promoted Pins relevant for your products and services

Propose exclusive offers that are posted again

Use Promoted Pins in the search results

Create vouchers on your site

Use consistent Pins, which are updated automatically from your site, in real time


Consider this option for creative brand advertising and customer inspiration, providing a unique visual experience

Promote your products, services, and offers, with the aid of interesting photographs and videos, targeting the basic user profile

Connect your account or Facebook page, to reach a wider audience

Develop brand awareness and fan fidelity, providing like for photos and linking the Facebook page

Adapt the brand to the trends


Initiate campaigns with ads comprising text, images or videos, through PPC advertising

Guide the new members to your business, using sponsored updates for new or existing content

Direct professionals, based on the position and job title, company or industry

Improve brand awareness on the web, mobile, and tablet

Keep in touch with professional members who are important for your business

Professional promoting


Increase visibility of your Google+ page and attach the AdWords campaign, using the social add-ons – Google can display mentioning of your business by your fans on Google+

Advertise the Google+ page if you want to connect with new users in searches, maps, mobile and desktop, with Google Adwords Express (GAE is only available in certain European countries, for the time being).